Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Goat Poop Soup!

It's been a crazy week! Sorry I didn't write last week, we went to the Mall of America so I didn't have time to write! Almost two weeks ago now, we got a third companion! I absolutely love her!! She will be my companion for the rest of my mission! Her name is Sister Hicks and she's super fun! 😊 She's learning the language super quick already!

Couple of crazy stories for the week.
The three of us were at our favorite pizza place, Mexitalian. It has really good pizza with Mexican toppings and sauce. So we were sitting there, enjoying our pizza, and this lady and her 7ish year old son come in and the little boy gives us a little rehearsed speech about how he needs money for a sports camp. We gave him a couple of dollars, because how do you say no to a 7 year old? Then, the mom says, "Can I just ask you ladies a question? Can I just have a piece of this pizza? It looks so good!" Then without hesitation, she reaches down, grabs a whole piece of pizza and walks out of the restaurant!! She didn't even wait for us to tell her if she could have a piece or not! A woman stole a piece of our pizza! But after, all I could think about was, "What would Jesus do?" Maybe that woman needed our pizza more than we did. It was bizarre though. Hahaha

This weekend we went to a Karen wedding! It was super cool! The Bridesmaids asked me to do their make up for them, so we were up early and helping them get ready. In Karen culture, goat poop soup is a traditional wedding delicacy. So guess what we ate? Goat poop soup! It tasted.... just how you would imagine it tasting!!! 

This week we had a super cool lesson with our investigator Moo Ru. We talked about the Word of Wisdom. After we read some scriptures about it, Moo Ru testified of the Word of Wisdom and said she knows that it's true. She told us how she has seen the blessings from obeying the Word of Wisdom, and the consequences that come from disobeying it. I know the Word of Wisdom is revelation from God to help us keep our bodies healthy. I have seen the effects drugs and alcohol can have on people and I know that God blesses us when we don't put that stuff into our bodies. 

I know this gospel is true! Love you all, have a good week!

Us and some of the cute bridesmaids! 

Us and the elders! The Elder in red was in the MTC with Brooklyn, Elder Brklacich. He is the new Karen speaking Elder. 

Just seconds before tasting goat poop soup. She sent us a video of her tasting it for the first time. She said that right when the video ended she started gagging. It tasted good at first, then just tasted like she was eating poop! I told her I couldn't believe she won't try fish, but she'll try goat poop!!!!

A cute investigator of ours, Paw Ku. 

Our delicious pizza. (Missing an extra piece! hahaha)

Brooklyn asked if I could send her recipes to make Cafe Rio food. They surprised the Elders after church on Sunday! She said they were so happy and the food turned out really good.

They were asked to make a scrapbook page for President Forbes. He is finishing his mission on July 1st. She'll get a brand new mission president for the second half of her mission.

I asked her how she is getting along with her new companion. They are loving each other all ready!

Elder Williams, Woodland, Foutz, Evans, Blackburn, Sister Hermansen, Hicks, and Fine.

We ran into one of the Sisters Brooklyn served with in Rochester while we were both attending family weddings at Temple Square last Saturday. Sister Checketts was adorable and so sweet! Such a small world!

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