Monday, July 10, 2017

A week full of miracles!

On Saturday we had a temple trip to do baptisms for the dead with all of the people who have been baptized in the last few months. It was such a neat experience! The spirit was so strong. It was such an amazing sight to see all of these people who have recently been baptized, doing proxy baptisms for other people who didn't have the chance to be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood power and authority of God while they were on the Earth. How cool is it that we are able to be baptized for people who have already died? This helps me know how much God loves each and every one of His children. He knew that not everyone would have the chance to accept or even hear about the Gospel while they were on the earth, so he provided a way for us to give them the opportunity to make covenants with God so they too will be able to live with Him again. 

Remember Moo Eh Wah? The one we just recently got back in contact with since her husband wasn't letting her do the things she wants to do? We saw her again this week, and just over the course of one week, her husband has gotten sooo much better! They have stopped fighting constantly, he is now supportive of her going to school, going to church, and told her that he will give her a ride to church sometimes! Which he has always told her he wouldn't do! His heart is changing! It's a miracle how much progress he has made. He even told her that she can get baptized if she wants to, but she wants to wait until she feels like he supports that decision a little bit more! We are so happy for them! I know that God is helping soften his heart! 

Last week we had a lesson with Moo Ru. She is amazing! We were talking to her about her family situation and about baptism and everything and she told us, "I'm going to fast and pray this weekend for guidance." Then we talked to her about Priesthood blessings because she's dealing with a lot of mental and physical health issues right now and she said she would like one. So yesterday we brought the elders over and they gave her a Priesthood blessing. The spirit was so strong in the room. Her crazy three year old son was even super calm and quiet during the blessing, then right as the elders said amen, he went back to his crazy self. That was a miracle in itself! After the blessing Moo Ru was crying and thanking us so much. She told us she felt the spirit really strong. She also told us that before the blessing, she had a really bad headache, but right after the blessing, it instantly went away! I know that God's power and authority, the Priesthood, was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith almost 200 years ago. I'm so grateful for the knowledge that I have of Jesus Christ's true church being restored to the earth. I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing gospel! 

Recent convert temple trip!

Sister Hicks and I with super cute kids!

Moo Eh Wah, Karen Moo, Dah Wah, and Baby John! (They are so tiny--Brooklyn is not that tall!)

Mom Notes: Brooklyn has always hated the smell and idea of eating fish. She wouldn't even taste it growing up. She went on exchanges this week and guess what their dinner was? She said she tried it all and the sushi wasn't too bad, but the raw fish and octopus was awful! She told me she only gagged on the octopus. I feel like if you can eat Goat Poop Soup, raw fish shouldn't bother you at all! haha

Remember how Brooklyn bought what she thought was a MN Twins hat and wore it to a game a few months ago?  Elder Nelson (from Texas) pointed out her mistake and she thought it was pretty dumb they sold Texas hats in Minnesota. Well, Elder Nelson (the one on the far right) finished his mission a little while ago and sent Brooklyn this picture of him and some friends. They all went to a Texas Rangers game and he wore his Minnesota Twins hat there, on purpose though! hahaha I like his sense of humor!

This picture is from last week. On the Fourth of July they combined a few zones and had a softball tournament. It's hard to see their faces, but they all look like they had a good time!

Only one injury....Elder Brklacich did an accidental somersault and this happened. 

I'll bet they are a fun bunch while riding public transportation.

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